#Experiential #MixedReality #LiveStream #Experiential #MixedReality #LiveStream
ShiGGa Shay ShiGGa Shay
'EP 365' Mixed 'EP 365' Mixed
Reality Concert Reality Concert
#Experiential #MixedReality #LiveStream #Experiential #MixedReality #LiveStream
ShiGGa ShiGGa
Shay 'EP Shay 'EP
365' Mixed 365' Mixed
Reality Reality
Concert Concert

ShiGGA Shay

Creative Development Multimedia Production Motion Capture Interactive Design

A reality-defying live virtual concert

We conceived Southeast Asia’s first fully virtual Mixed Reality concert, along with iconic rapper ShiGGa Shay, for his new 'EP 365' release.

Launch video

In the year of the pandemic, most musicians and performers have taken to live streaming to ride the wave of virtual concerts. We wanted to conceive a new format of virtual performances, something more than just another ordinary livestream event, by connecting audiences through an 'Immersion Architecture'.


Built on a real-time game engine, we replicated ShiGGA Shay’s facial and bodily movements via a motion tracker suit and imprinted them on a customized digital avatar – capturing his performance and simultaneously broadcasting it live.


From immersive stage sets to an integrated chat stream, this interactive virtual concert enabled audiences be part of co-creating the experience in real time, by materializing their comments – so they could join in the performance similar to how they would have done in a physical show.

Launch Day


The 40-minute show saw more than 600 unique registered viewers on the platform (plus more than 5000 unregistered users), with less than 5% dropout rate. The show graphics were edited into a music video, which has garnered more than 200,000 viewers.