#ExtendedReality #MixedReality #ExtendedReality #MixedReality
RazerCon 2021 RazerCon 2021
#ExtendedReality #MixedReality #ExtendedReality #MixedReality
RazerCon RazerCon
2021 2021


Set Design & Production Live Streaming Multimedia Production

A 12-hour digital celebration to unite fans across the globe

From new product launches to international performances, we helped to conceive Razer’s largest and most extensive flagship event of the year.

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In 2020, RazerCon was conceived as a the boldest and most extensive full day digital convention by a single company. This year, we were chosen as the official production agency for the second year in a row for the annual full-day digital convention.


On top of conceptualising and developing the event’s on-screen graphics, we developed Extended Reality virtual sets via a real-time game engine for the main keynote, transporting Razer’s CEO Min-Liang Tan and speakers to unique virtual environments to tell the brand story.


RazerCon also took virtual events to the next level by being the world’s first RGB lighting-reactive live stream, where the audience experience was elevated through audiovisual enhancements from Razer Chroma RGB integration.



A new form of digital festivals for modern audiences. Catch the highlights of RazerCon 2021 keynote here.


The 12-hour global broadcast event peaked at over 1.5 million viewers, with a total of more than 375,000 hours viewed and 250 million impressions across YouTube, Twitch, Facebook and TikTok.