#Hybrid #MixedReality #AugmentedReality #Hybrid #MixedReality #AugmentedReality
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#Hybrid #MixedReality #AugmentedReality #Hybrid #MixedReality #AugmentedReality
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Global Esports Federation

Broadcast AR Multimedia Production Motion Capture

A ground-breaking live mixed reality opening ceremony

Commencing the inaugural Global Esports Games in Singapore with a dazzling display of mixed reality (MR), augmented reality (AR) and entertainment.

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The project consisted of two technologically creative components – opening the tournament with a MR performance, followed by a broadcast AR launch gambit. It is the first of its kind seen in the region – a unique hybrid between traditional and real-time virtual event production, captured entirely in a live show format.


ShiGGa Shay, one of Singapore’s most recognised rappers, took centrestage with his new electronic single in a motion capture suit that translated his movements at the same time, as a digital avatar set in a virtual scape. This opened new possibilities of a hybrid performance – not as a digital imitation, but a new genre of concert experiences.


After ShiGGA’s MR performance, augmented reality took the limelight, enhancing the ceremony with augmented banner flags integrated into the space, and a launch gambit to portal in the tournament’s logo to officially kickstart the event.


Through the pioneering of such MR- and AR-enhanced events, it has amassed plenty of interest from many traditional show directors and filmmakers for its crossover format and capabilities in engaging viewers, in the real or virtual world.