#Experiential #ExtendedReality #LiveStream #Experiential #ExtendedReality #LiveStream
The Front Row The Front Row
2021 2021
#Experiential #ExtendedReality #LiveStream #Experiential #ExtendedReality #LiveStream
The Front The Front
ROW 2021 ROW 2021

Creative Development 360° Integration Multimedia Production

MARKies Awards 2021 Gold
PR Awards 2021 Gold
Marketing Excellence 2021 Silver

A new realm for digital fashion and entertainment.

The first-of-its-kind digital fashion festival to put up-and-coming homegrown and international brands in the spotlight.

Launch project

The Front Row festival brought about a virtual fashion revolution in 2020 due to the ongoing pandemic restrictions. Hailed as Singapore’s definitive virtual fashion festival, 2021 saw a more expansive and immersive line-up of events that audiences could experience in their homestead.


Staged in a fully immersive 360° 3D Fashion Village, users were able to navigate around freely and interact with elements within the space. Stylized with bright neon colors and a backdrop of iconic local landmarks, it displayed a modernized take of fashion and tech that could felt familiar to locals and attractive to international audiences at the same time.



In line with bringing fashion online and into the future, The Front Row also featured runway films shot on Extended Reality (XR) virtual sets to bring the models – and audiences – into imaginative spaces conjured from the minds of the designers.


Through the festival, we implemented a calendar of livestream content to garner more awareness and engagement, integrating buy-now elements to increase shopping opportunities throughout the viewer’s journey.


The Front Row 2021 had a total of 4 million reach and 7 million impressions across all social media platforms, generating an overall PR value of $3 million. It was also covered by major press media such as The Business Times, The Straits Times, The Edge, Yahoo SG and many others.