#Experiential #VirtualReality #Experiential #VirtualReality
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#Experiential #VirtualReality #Experiential #VirtualReality
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National Heritage Board

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A museum exhibition reimagined for digital audiences

Designed to be the first-of-its-kind digital museum experience to overcome the barriers of the pandemic at its peak.

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At a time when the city was in lockdown mode, we needed to quickly convert a newly launched physical museum exhibition – An Old New World, which featured lesser-known stories of Singapore’s history and artefact collections 200 years before the arrival of Sir Stamford Raffles.


Aimed at providing unique digital immersion, we featured 2 curated tours by 2 guides – Daniel & Iskandar, where visitors could explore their individual perspectives and experiences from Singapore’s past. With a strong focus on storytelling, every explorer’s route is unique.


Designed as an audio-guided tour, the exhibition featured over 40 carefully curated artefacts that had been rendered in 3D, and later integrated in a 360° space. The background music and sound effects were also integrated to simulate and magnify the meditative atmosphere of a live museum.


By reimagining the museum experience in the digital realm, we were able to present a wholly experiential user journey with new forms of digital interactions, gaining media coverage from Timeout, The Straits Times, and Channel 8.